Crawl Space Repair by Mechanical Jacking and Shoring

Many homes with a crawl space suffer from settlement, water damage or termite damage. We have the knowledge and experience to add piers and beams that will relevel and redistribute the load as needed.

We know that this can happen in many homes. No need to be worried, we have the correct engineered structured procedure to repair this condition.

Sometimes this can occur without being noticed inside the home. One beam can be broken and not have an immediate effect on the structure, however when this happens it WILL over time cause the structure to be under strain, resulting in damage sometimes requiring rebuilding, adding, or re-leveling the support piers.

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Crawl Space Ventilation

We often install power ventilation fans under homes that have lost their natural air flow. This can also be a solution for homes that have moisture conditions to supply clean fresh air as needed for a healthy home.

Here at Dolezar Construction we are happy to provide you with crawl space repair in Orange, Lake, Osceola, and Seminole counties, Florida. We are happy to service the entire central Florida area.

Central Florida has long been our choice to live, work and raise our family. We look forward to helping you preserve the value to your home.